Hello! I'm Luisa Sabin

I write, design and code digital marketing communications in Hudson, New York

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Moffat Website

I Design & Maintain Wordpress Websites

There's a lot of design options on even the most basic Wordpress websites and I'm there to help you keeping your website looking fresh and contemporary.

Clean Modern Design

I Also Create Websites From Scratch

I create robust HTML structures that combined with CSS make clean and classic designs.

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Well-Conceived Creative Projects Are My Thing

Visual design is also my passion. How can the visual elements support the content? I'm here to help.

About Me

Luisa Sabin

I love digital marketing communications

I am a designer, content creator and a digital marketing specialist who works with organizations to create marketing communications plans that start with a well-designed website. My journey has included working for large PR firms producing marketing materials for clients such as AT&T and Nike to creating online presences for public libraries that connect with patrons & voters.

Centered in the Hudson Valley of New York, I have honed my coding skills to complement my design and content creation skills and am happy to create effective social media and email campaigns, that match my clients' website branding.

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